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Higher Education Scenario across the GCC Region

Higher education can be regarded as tertiary education, third level education or post-secondary education, defined as the education beyond high school, at a university, or at a college of a similar level. According to UNESCO, higher education can be divided into two parts, 1) Higher education or 2) Further education. In order to complete higher education, it takes a minimum of three to four years to complete. Higher education usually includes undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s and doctorate level tertiary education.

GCC region was among the earliest countries to grant its citizens access to the internet in 1995. Ever since the internet access became possible, the region has been experiencing tremendous growth in education sector. When it comes to the history of higher education there has been a rapid growth in this sector with a large number of regionally and internationally recognized universities have established their physical or virtual presence. With the beginning of 21st century, higher education across the GCC region has experienced new shifts, as new education models and frameworks have been adopted by educational institutions in the region.

Today, GCC region is considered to be the largest cohorts of young people in the world. To meet the education demands and needs of these individuals, the region needs to expand higher education. The demand for higher education is enormous and the opportunities are expected to grow each year to fulfill academic demands. Globalization in the region has led to demand of educated professional, who are ready to enter the job market. Numerous universities have been established to achieve the academic goals of students in the region, but the demand is still rising. Seeing this, many students and working professionals have adopted the online education framework, studying online and achieving their academic goals. There is a strong need of accountable, transparent and equitable body to monitor higher education system. In order to monitor and regulate higher education in the GCC region, ARABAAA has a vital role to play.