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Credit Equivalency

Credit equivalencies are awarded to students and professionals transferring their remaining courses to another education institute within their country or in a foreign state.

ARABAAA offers the best credit equivalency services for students and professionals who seek equivalency for their higher education. Credit equivalency is a process through which students and professionals can gain exemption on the prior successfully completed courses at an accredited education institute. ARABAAA provides credit equivalency certificate for academic credentials which are approved by higher education commissions and the university from which courses are completed is fully accredited. The academic documents of students and professionals are assessed against the highest standard of education and also follow the academic criteria applicable in the country.

Benefits of Obtaining a Credit Equivalency Certificate

ARABAAA authenticates the originality of the academic qualifications issued by education institutes across the world by issuing a credit equivalency certificate that confirms the credentials of students and professionals. Credit equivalency certificate verifies and validates education achievements of students and professionals. Credit equivalency helps you save time and money by transferring courses or programs completed at other educational institutions to another.

Commitment towards Building a Better Economy

  • Helping educational institutions in meeting high education standards
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  • Promoting academic excellence to educational institutes
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  • Encouraging professionals to validate and authenticate their academic credentials