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ARABAAA has regional and international chapters across the world to facilitate accreditation and credit equivalency services. Our aim is to establish and strengthen quality and standard through accreditation of degree programs and institutions offering higher education. ARABAAA delivers the best accreditation services to traditional and non-traditional educational institutes and professionals in diverse fields. ARABAAA plays an important role for institutes and individuals in improving trust and confidence in the global market.

Our team of experts at ARABAAA has complete and detailed knowledge to offer accreditation services. They are well aware of the accreditation process and have strong networking in the pertinent industry. We also ensure that accreditation is continuously reviewed and periodically evaluated.

ARABAAA regional and international chapters are actively engaged in conducting seminars, workshops and expos to enhance networking opportunities and offer you the best services.

Explore Regional Academic Accreditations

The accreditation councils in the regional chapters ensure that all the professional and educational institutes maintain the standards of education and provide quality services to their students. All the institutes that are being accredited by the accreditation bodies of their respective accreditation bodies and are required to comply with the rules to maintain their membership.

All regional ministries are responsible for executing and implementing effective educational policies and standards to make sure that higher education institutions are working towards achieving the missions and goals of their respective institutes.

You can explore regional accreditations of the regional chapters by visiting their official websites: