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Accreditation is a formal third-party recognition designed to adhere highest education standards and quality. Accreditation drives the performance of professionals and continuous improvement of education institutes. Accreditation serves as credible proof that education institute or professional is well informed and up to date with the international education standards. Accreditation ensures that you as a professional or your education institutes maintain acceptable standards and legal obligation during the term of accreditation. Without accreditation, institutions would not be entitled to pay federal financial aid.

Accreditation serves as an important credential for professionals seeking employment, as it becomes an essential source of verification and authenticity of the academic qualification an individual holds is according to international standards of education. For education institutes, it serves as an assurance for students and employers that the institute delivers high-quality education to develop competent and capable professionals. The process of professional accreditation empowers the online accredited colleges and universities. International accreditation services are provided to maintain quality management in high educational sectors across the globe.

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation is essential for reassurance of education quality and standards. Graduates of the accredited online colleges and universities are expected to practice on a professional level. Availing the national and International accreditation service and process assures that the accredited institution renders competent services in line with the international standards and regulations.

The specific benefits of achieving accreditation from ARABAAA are summarized as follows:

  • Enhanced reputation and demonstration of competence among leading regional and international employers
  • Verification and proof of your best practices
  • Confirmation of your professional and academic credentials
  • The authenticity of the quality of education delivered by an education institute
  • Public accountability of education institute as a high-quality institute

Accreditation Process

The accreditation process at ARABAAA consists of following steps:

  1. Submission of Online Application
  2. Stringent Scrutiny of the Application
  3. Accreditation Fee Submission
  4. Qualifying for Accreditation
  5. Obtaining Accreditation from ARABAAA