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Academic Goals

ARABAAA facilitates students, working professionals and educational institutions to maintain the highest standard and quality of higher education. ARABAAA is the higher education service resource, offering a broad range of services to traditional institutes, non-traditional institutes, students and working professionals. ARABAAA has been created to fulfill the responsibility of accreditation, professional licensing, academic attestation, credit equivalency and allocation of federal financial aid. We continuously evaluate our own process, policies and procedure to maintain higher education quality.

In pursuit to promote and ensure high quality of higher education, ARABAAA has also created regional chapters for UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Each chapter members contribute and recommend ways to enhance the quality of higher education.

We have strategic planned following academic goals for ARABAAA:

  • To continuously monitor and improve the state of higher education in the GCC region
  • To develop a transparent system of quality assurance for higher education in GCC region
  • To effectively design practice and policies for higher education according to national and international standards
  • To conduct a rigorous inspection and promulgate equitable accreditation process to sustain academic excellence
  • To ensure validation of academic documents and achievements of individuals and institutions through stringent framework
  • To provide guidance and support to prospective students and working adults in the GCC region
  • To become a platform to disseminate federal financial aid and support education initiatives
  • To stay committed to the principles of affordability, openness, flexibility and convenience
  • To be recognized regionally and internationally as an influential board for higher education