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Arab Academic Accreditation Authority is an independent higher education body which has ability and accountability to ensure high quality standards and criteria for accreditation in the GCC region and across the world. ARABAAA is committed to ensure long-term standing of the region which is advancement of higher education sector. We aim to provide the best accreditation and equivalency services to our members, institutions and individuals. ARABAAA serves as a service resource for traditional and non-traditional institutes and professionals.

ARABAAA acts as a catalyst to evaluate the quality and standards of higher education institutes and degree programs offered for students. Our evaluation team ensures that equal learning and work opportunities are given to all local and foreigners. In this regard, we provide equivalency certificates to help students study and professionals work across the GCC region without any barrier.

ARABAAA undertakes initial review as a requisite to define the eligibility of institutes and professionals to receive accreditation to ensure that stringent quality assurance criteria are met. Being an internationally recognized accreditation body, ARABAAA provides following services:

  • Accreditation
  • Credit Equivalency

We encourage and promote institutes and professional across the world to maintain high standards through accreditation. ARABAAA provides you the assurance and authenticity according to international standards. ARABAAA is constantly working with professionals and institutes at regional and international level to improve the quality and standard. We always keep our members up to date and aware of the new changes in polices and practice.